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is it pets mart or pet smart

are we human or are we dancers

where am I

To the first question, it is Pet Smart.


Each of the words are a different color, and the ball bounces in between both of the words.

And as for the second question, we are human. Dancer is a type of profession.

that poor third person’s question wasn’t answered they’re probably still lost

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My favourite translator said that when she was an ambassador for Hungary she took all these Japanese politicians on a tour and she was trying to circumtranslate ‘merry go round’ cause she didn’t know the Japanese word for it by calling it a ‘horse tornado for children’ and they had no blessed idea what she was saying and she finally started running in circles going up and down and they go ‘ohhhhh, in Japan we call those ‘merry-go-rounds’”

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I feel greedy and possessive cause all I can think about is calling you mine.

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